Best Alternatives to ClickFunnels In 2020

Best alternatives to Clickfunnels

If you’re a young entrepreneur or you own a business of some kind then you’re probably familiar with the online digital marketing CLICKFUNNELS.


Clickfunels helps you assemble a sort of page and automate the sales funnel for any kind of business. It comprises of plenty of templates and digital features to help you along the way.

If you’re dedicated to doing the right for your business, perhaps you will then need to make sure you do all the research you can. There is no one size platform, so you should be keeping in mind the needs of your company. Keeping that in mind, here are the alternatives to CLICKFUNNEL.

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ONTRAPORT offers a lot of the same features as CLICKFUNNELS offering a wide range of tools from campaigns to sales, to finance, ONTRAPORT does it all. The main difference that is between ONTRAPORT and CLICKFUNNELS is of a focus that is on automating the process as much as possible. Thus, this automation could get in the way for a small team or single-person company.

Therefore, for a bigger, more complicated business it makes ONTRAPORT not valuable at all. Which states CLICKFUNNEL as a clear winner. ONTRAPORT does everything. You may not want a single service to have a lot of control over your business, perhaps if that is the case, then ONTRAPORT may not be for your company.


SAM CART is considered one of the best shopping carts for small businesses out there. SAM CART is focusing mostly on a smooth transaction and checkout page. It does a good job of retaining customers already committed to a purchase and lowering your cart’s rate.

It doesn’t have any sort of email management or other features and isn’t very good at building landing pages. Therefore, if you have all of those things under control it can make a powerful digital tool.



Comparing with CLICKFUNNEL, UNBOUNCE is quite cheaper than CLICKFUNNELS.

UNBOUNCE doesn’t allow us to stick to a single landing page template at all. It easily integrates tools and good features that attracts the people towards the usage of UNBOUNCE.

It’s an easy tool and the best drag and dropper builder.



INSTAPAGE is a landing page as-well which is similar to UNBOUNCE but not having built-in images, you’d have to find out your own images.

It’s easily integrated with WordPress and other higher tools. High-quality landing pages are easily made with the heat map and A/B testing which is the best of all features in it.


LEADPAGES are truest very cheap having a cost plan of 25/month. In lead pages, many templates are present with good designs that can be selected by the user what they desire to have.

Moreover, it gives you pop-up support at any time where you’ll have problems and issues.


THRIVE THEMES is a collection of WordPress plugins that usually comes all together. Comparing the cost with CLICK FUNNELS it’s 5 times much cheaper than CLICK FUNNEL, with better testing tools which are easy to use.

Hosting your pages may be advantageous for some users and at the same time, it can be disadvantaged by the other users as well.



PIPE DRIVE has more integration and more support features than CLICK FUNNELS.

They have the least expensive plans than that of CLICK FUNNELS. You’ll be finding more support for integration in PIPE DRIVE.



10 MINUTE FUNNELS have many same features as CLICKFUNNELS but it’s new.

But, CLICK FUNNEL is older and has its own better plans and diehard fans as-well.



COPPER CRM is a cloud-hosted database that puts the funnel in the sales funnel. It’s reputable and easy to use. COPPER CRM is more focused on increasing visibility and control over the sales pipeline.

It saves a lot of space, data and most importantly time. Moreover, it has goo new security features as-well.

ClickFunnels- Best for Funnels & Landing Pages in 2020

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