Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money Online

A thousand thoughts can cross your mind once you think or decide to start a blogging career. Only a few things to be noted and the rest will clear itself with time. Blogging is a very diverse field. It is an entirely independent work arena in which you will decide for yourself how you want to do things and what you want to write. 

I remembered that day, when I was thinking the same, Starting my blog, this is when I get to know these complex things that are needed by a blog site. 

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Selecting a best blog site has never been so easy for anyone who is about to start his career in blogging. How long it takes to get that experience of answering this question, How to Choose The Best Blogging Site or Platform depends on your mental maturity level, the skills you have and the experience that you got by working on a blogging site. 

For me, it takes 4 to 6 months after that I’m aware of suggesting the best blogging platform to make money. It really helped my audience. 

There are plenty of free blogging platforms to start with, you should take your time to decide which platform suits your personal writing preferences and which is one of the best blogging platforms to make money.

Blogging platforms can seem a bit tricky to handle in the first place. The easiest way to start blogging is by going to social sites for consultation for the best site for beginners. Once you get to know which one is suitable for the topic you want to talk about, you can start your blog

What are the Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money

There are a number of good and handy blogging platforms to make money out there. So in the long term, if you are expecting success through your blogging services then you will have to keep a few things into account before choosing one of the best blogging platforms to make money online

What To Look For In A Web Host?

While looking for a web host for your blog you need to consider these few things mentioned below. 

1 - Setup and Control

While looking for a platform for your writing career you must be aware of the fact that you will be sharing your data on that site for a period of time. So number one you should look into it rather patiently that whether the particular site suits you. Your way of work is compatible and handy for you? are the site interfaces easy enough for you to utilize and have control over it? And also the performance of the site and handling of traffic for your blog. Because that’s one of the fundamentals of a successful blog for the long term. You must look into the site performance. Ask the experts about the best platforms for writers and the people using it already. You should know about the details of site uptime. For example does it hold onto 99.999% uptime performance ‘three nines availability’ or not? A Site with uptime less than this can be stuck anytime and your traffic will be badly hindered which is not a good thing for you. 

2 - Dashboard 

Best blogging services of any site can be measured on several available scales defined by the experts. Also some of the best site review platforms created by the blogging sites to look into it and understand the site by the user themselves. Now one of the key aspects of it is the dashboard. It’s the place where you will be able to keep track of your blog’s performance, monitor the traffic and how much your blog has achieved since it was published. That data is very important for your blog otherwise it won’t be handy for you to look upon and improve your requirements regarding your blog’s performance according to the needs of the readers. 

3 - The Audience it covers

Best platforms for writers are also looked upon for quality by the number of audience and quality of that audience, their reviews, and satisfaction with the site itself. The more diverse the audience the more the traffic. More traffic means more success for your blog. Now what you should look upon is the traffic volume related to your blog genre? where it is coming more often? which blog site is holding more customers with topics of your blog choice.

4 - Popularity

Well, regarding the popularity of the blog as mentioned earlier that you should be well informed about the traffic flow. Which site is holding more traffic and why. What are the particular topics that are most viewed within 24 hours. Also what the top guns suggest regarding the blog sites and topics accordingly. Their popularity and traffic, especially related to the topic you will be writing about. 

5 - Your Plans

Keeping the fundamentals in mind with all that research, you must align your plans according to the provider. Blogging is a vast field with amazing and diverse opportunities to benefit from and without being stuck in the 9 to 5 cycle. With consideration of only a few fundamentals, you can easily pick ​on of the best blogging platforms to make money and you are good to go. 

Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money Online 

As mentioned above there are a number of blogging platforms whether for your blogging career or for your business. There is open-source blog software that creates an opportunity for people to express their point of view without being held back by terms and policies of paid platforms. But they also help you to accelerate and learn fast about online business and the best blogging platform to make money as well. 

There are a number of such open-source blogging platforms. I would like to mention three of these open-source platforms for you to just signup with your Google account and start writing. It includes Medium, Wix, and Blogger. Blogging on these platforms is free. You can literally write about anything. This can be helpful in developing your profile of blogging which can help you further your skills as a professional blogger. 


​Any new blogger looking to express him/herself without getting into any hustle of creating a website. Writers who just want to write their heart out and share their perspective on the world can use it for free.


  • ​Medium has its own audience and limitless sharing.
  • Medium is open source so the third party inserts.
  • It promotes content depending on the quality criteria.
  • ​Tagging categorization is up to three per post.


  • ​Templates are regulated.
  • ​Control over branding is not unlimited.
  • ​Medium site hosting is essential.


Wix is great for people who are learning online business. You can buy a domain on Wix as well as their free blogging platform. 


  • ​Templates are eye-catching and pleasant. 
  • ​Easy drag and drop editing medium.
  • ​Offers text animation 
  • ​Arbitrary integrations allowed.  


  • ​Adds on basic plans is one of the lows.
  • ​Locked template will not let you change it.
  • ​Customization is not available.


Blogger is a platform for everybody to write just about anything. You got an email account on Google and you are good to go.


  • ​Google owns it so it is integrated with Analytics and AdSense.
  • ​Simple process for everyone. 
  • ​Easy content drag n drop layout.
  • ​HTML can be edited.


  • ​Can structure it the way you want.
  • Google owns it so no rights over the content in case of take down.
  • Limited options in design and arrangements. 
  • Required support isn’t there.

Highly Engaging Blogging Platforms 

Once you start publishing your early blogs your priority should be to share them on every platform. Share them with the people in your life. Share with your friends on social sites. Share with as many people as you can. Put your work out there and try to engage people with it. Shares getting feedback and improving your blog is one of the fundamentals of this.

Facebook and Instagram can be super helpful. Share your blogs on these platforms, send them to individual people as well. Invite them to discuss it. 


Facebook is where you can spread your word faster than any other platform. It has over a billion members worldwide. Share your articles on Facebook and try to spread it to as many groups as possible. Groups of writers, academic pages, and being part of content writing groups are one of the easiest ways to start blogging. Sharing there will help spread your word and get feedback about it.


Instagram is another useful platform to get people on board. Instagram also has tens of millions of users. Sharing on your account and to the groups is the easiest way to start blogging. Learn to utilize such platforms as much as possible. Include some of the pictures related to your articles, describe them and engage the audience. 

Best Platform for Business Blogs

As mentioned earlier sharing your article on different free blogging platforms is one easy way to reach out to more people. It helps your business get the much needed early traffic. It’s totally free. Not that time consuming either. You just need to give enough time to look for appropriate groups to share with on Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn is also one of the major user platforms. It is huge with around three billion members. Many blogging services are actively present there. You can make your account and just share it with as many people and groups as possible. 

People Also Asked For 

1 - What is a blogging platform? 

A blogging platform is a system of software designed to write and publish personal blogs. Anyone can use them to express themselves. There are all types of blogging platforms out there. Either you want to pursue a professional blogging career for that matter or to keep a personal record. there are a number of customized and free blogging platforms available. 

2 - How to start a blog?

There are a number of easy ways that you can use for starting a blog. You just need to keep a few fundamentals in mind. For example, select your niche, select a suitable blogging platform. For professional blogs pick your domain and get a web host. You can start your blog on WordPress select theme and your blogging platform is ready. 

3 - Which is the best blogging platform?

There are a number of blogging platforms free and customized. WordPress is by far the top name in blogging there offer a number of domain hosts and themes and user-friendly interface. Their experience is precise in terms of blogging and the needs of bloggers whether beginners or professionals.

4 - Which is the better Blogger of WordPress?

Blogger is a simple software for everybody, it's free and you just need an email address and you are good to go. But WordPress has been ideally designed to keep the need for a medium and professional level blogger in mind. 

5 - Is Tumblr a blog site?

Tumbler is considered a blog and social platform equally. Although tumbler includes more visual content and less textual stuff. It can support a certain type of limited blog post with photos, gifs, and animation.

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