Funnelytics Review : Easy Funnel Mapping in 2020

Funnelytics is one of the most fundamental software available online. Created by Mikael Dia in 2018, this software helps keep track of your online products and their sales in one place. For professional and online business developers funnel mapping was a big problem to handle before this. In fact, the development of Funnelytics the way it is today was inspired by the lack of any such software online. Helping to track and manage marketing funnels this software completely changed the way of work. 

In this Funnelytics review, I will help you learn about the importance and use of funnel mapping. Funnelytics lifetime memberships and how to channel your online business profits. 

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Funnelytics Review - Overview

Funnelytics is a data-tracking software. It was created for a complete channeling and keeping an overview of the sales funnel online. Presently one can easily track all the individual funnels and determine which one is under performing and how it can be improved, For that matter, it helps you to focus accordingly on underperforming funnels and improve them for better performance. 

The concept of sales funnels and the associated broader view never had such projectile precision before Funnelytics. Earlier funnel mapping software wasn’t precise enough but this particular software is unique because of its effectiveness in tracking the precise funnels individually and managing the performance accordingly. 

So, Funnelytics is super helpful in bordering the sections of landing pages and emails but it does not perform as to send mail and generate landing pages through the software itself. 

Tracking Emails In Funnelytics - Funnel Mapping Free

Funnelytics is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and easy to handle software to track and map out your sales funnel. This software comes with an entire chain of template options and amazing UI operability is what makes Funnelytics a great software to map funnels. 

A free plan in Funnelytics includes mapping fundamentals and a group project. Pro Plan includes tracking in detail and optimization options. 

Email support has been provided for the free plan and chat access is provided for the pro plan in Funnelytics. 

In the funnel building category Funnelytics comes with one of the best options and its free funnel mapping strategy has given Funnelytics an edge over other software.  

Exciting Features of Funnelytics

Funnelytics comes with tons of options to make the complicated mapping system easier to use for online business. At first, it might seem as if only highly technical experts can use such difficult software smoothly. But that is not the case building websites can seem a bit complicated in the first place but running them and tracking them with software such as these is not what you might think. It might sound and feel a bit overwhelming for the beginner but it’s just as easy as for anyone to use on a daily basis. Your doubts will only clear away if you give it a try.

I am listing below some of the main Funnelytics features. Including features of both free and pro plans.

  • ​It creates amazing and diverse types of funnels extremely fast.
  • ​Efficiency of the funnels and their performing mechanism.
  • ​Sharing plans with customers in an efficient manner to engage more and more traffic.
  • ​High-quality representation performance.
  • ​Drag and drop builder of this software is a plus for users. Easy to handle and visually professional.
  • ​You can keep trails of your revenues. 
  • ​Perform a great inquiry on whether the funnels are performing well enough.
  • Reliability of the performance amongst the users.

Funnelytics Pricing

Just like any other software Funnelytics features a number of plans according to your requirement. It’s one of the simplest tools to track your sales funnel over time and maintain efficiency. Pricing in Funnelytics also varies. There’s a free version of the software which offers free mapping and access through emails completely free at any time. This is not bad compared to many other free-range options provided by a number of such software. 

Funnelytics Pro comes with a ton of options. It costs your account $99 per month. This plan includes all one might want. The free plan only comes with a single team project. Pro plan has tons of templates to select a suitable one. It also includes detailed tracking and other features such as optimization and chat support. Which is not included in the free plan. 

Earn Extra Income - Funnelytics Affiliate

Funnelytics pro provides a great opportunity as a Funnelytics affiliate marketing strategy. It’s a great source for extra income for those people who are advancing their business with Funnelytics and want to make most out of it. For that matter, you can sign up for the Funnelytics affiliate program. In this program, you will use the Funnelytics link as their promotion in your business. People will use your link to become part of the Funnelytics network and you will earn proportional commission on the profits up to 30%. 

This is one of the most attractive offers by Funnelytics to not only grow themselves and make online business more streamlined for people but also provide them with an opportunity to not only pay bills out to the provider but also earn a percentage from it. 

Funnelytics Alternatives

Best ClickFunnels Alternatives in 2020


Clickfunnels is amongst the most dynamic sales funnel providers in the market. Their success had been marked due to the provision of multiple task operation strategies. In terms of pricing, Clickfunnels can seem to be a bit offline but their service options and profits are also equitable.



Mailchimp is a newsletter service that provides great service in terms of reaching out to your subscribers. Currently, Mailchimp is the most categorized email subscription service available.

autopilot - funnelytics alternative


Autopilot is one of the most specifically designed funnels that help to connect with clients on all levels. The workflow specified interface is also quite intuitive.

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