How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online | Step-By-Step Guide

Last Update on  May 16, 2020.

Wondering to start a blog and to turn it into a passive income stream? Confused about what to do and how to start a blog and make money online? Well, these are very much fundamentals of starting just like any new venture, and blogging is no exemption. With persistence and passion, you can achieve anything but all you need to do is keep your eye on the ball and don’t break the skeleton rule of that of consistency. Then you will surely go to reap the benefits you are thinking about now.

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Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links of tools that helped me a lot in the success of my blog. These affiliate links provide a commission to me on every purchase, at no cost to you. However, these links are for the best tools and software that you need to start a blog.

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020

So you are looking for an easy step by step guide of how to start a successful blog in 2020 then surely you are going to get some clouds cleared today. All those questions in your mind about whether you can do it or not is the only obstacle in your way. The stage is all yours.

A few years ago, starting a blog isn’t that hard and tricky. With the advent of technology, it’s now become something difficult to understand, for newbies. However, people who already have a career in blogging, always there to help. Such as Arfa and Rayan Robinson

Successful peoples always help newcomers in any game. This is where this blog belongs. To help our readers in building a stable income stream, I’m here to share exactly what I did when I was about to start a Blog.    

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020

how to start a blog and make money online

So here I am going to list down all the details of a step by step guide to creating a successful blog. These steps will answer all questions related to How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020.

  1. Select your blog’s Niche
  2. Specify your Blog Goals
  3. Choose a Blogging Platform
  4. Pick a Domain name
  5. Get your web Hosting and Register your Domain
  6. Set up WordPress Themes
  7. Basic Settings your Blog should have
  8. Generate Catchy Blog Ideas
  9. Write your first Blog Post
  10. Optimize Your Blog
  11. Keep Track of your Blog Performance
  12. Engage Your audience and Promote Your blog

1- Select Your Blog’s Niche

Every blog needs a Niche to start a blog, it can be anything you want to write about. For example, you love to explore the world and spend your time in outdoor activities, you can select this topic as your Blog’s niche and start writing your blog.

The selection of a niche or topic for your blog is a very important part so be very clear about what you want to write. Based on my personal experience, I suggest you design your content about a particular niche. This will help you a lot in having precision focus but also to develop digital services that comply with your content.

A broad level of knowledge about a narrower topic helps you to impress your readers by delivering valuable content. This strategy impresses your readers with your high quality and informative posts, leave them with the impression that they get no second thought but to contact you for your services.

According to Adam Enfroy, “With a blog, money drives passion more than passion drives money.”

But it’s not that EASY….

Assume that you have started your own blog and your blogging platform has a very well written blog post around 100, but still, you are failed in generating money from your blog.

That’s how 95% of beginners says, it’s hard to generate revenue from the blog. That’s because of the same reason, these bloggers write about the Niche which they love. It’s not necessary that your choice is the same for the large proportion of the audience. Less interesting niche will have few audiences and few visitors that result in failure.

It happens to me as well. For better understanding, when I started my blog I start writing about trading. Trading is a kind of risky topic to which we can’t assure anything. So that I get burned out when there were no results after my all efforts.

To make your blog successful from start you have to select your ideal niche which helps you in traffic generation which is directly related to your profit.

For this, you have to think about it differently than ever before.


Think about who is your targeted audience? and what they will like from you. Rather than what is your niche?

For example, if you are persuading your audience about any reliable product, you need to Target a miserable problem which they are facing and present your topic as a solution. This will make your audience feel like you care about them and they will become your regular visitor like premium customers.


Keyword research is the most important step in choosing your Blog’s niche. Does this indicate that, are people searching for the things you want to write about?? Or not??

It’s important to search for keywords and make your blog SEO optimized so that it can rank on Google. Search engine optimization brings organic traffic to your blog which is more important than social media traffic. They are your unique audience who search by specific keywords and reached your blog.

To make it easy for beginners, there are lots of tools for having lots of features. For keywords research, I suggest SEMrush, Ahref, and MOZ SEO. They are amazing when it comes to keywords research.

2- Specify Your Blog Goals

When starting a new blog, you need a way to keep track of everything. When I started my blogging career, I found many difficulties to manage things. As like, how to manage my blogging website, keywords, how to rank no#1 on Google, how to describe the topic in-depth, how may I set up backlinks so on & so forth.

Then I got a 12-month blog planner from Arfa in my inbox. In this planner I got,

  • A checklist of Blog set up
  • 12- month blog planner
  • blog post ideas sheet
  • Editable and clickable planner

This helped me a lot in achieving my goals in blogging. By using this 12-month blog planner I kept track of everything I need to start a blog. This helped me in managing over complicate things effectively.

Get your 12-month Blog Planner for free here.

3- Choose a Blogging Platform

As we know WordPress is the most common and popular blogging site so far, there are a few other platforms as well that are also useful for a range of blogging options, for example, and Medium.

Blogging platforms for starting a blogBut if you want to go with the flow of your blogging efforts I would recommend you go with a self-hosted WordPress custom domain.

You can set up a blog at with any subdomain of your choice but you will get more traffic with self-hosted one and then might use subdomains on various platforms for your marketing efforts.This gives entirely different results as compared to free domains or partnership based blogging platforms.

4- Pick a Domain Name

This step is probably the least important. Most bloggers choose an ultra-specific name for their website to start their blog. When they lose interest while writing about a specific niche they rather find themselves with limited options to write about. A few years ago it was possible to get the exact match keyword Domain name.

But in today’s dynamic world with unlimited options, I recommend you go with a broader website name that will allow you to pivot in case of any detraction. This might someday save your efforts for a near summit blogging career.

Here I’m sharing some key points of selecting a name for the website.

  • Custom Domain

Custom Domains are more likely to focus on a particular niche. In this case, you’ll have to stick to a particular niche. But these domains are more likely to rank on google because of their specific keyword use in the website URL. However, a drawback is that you can’t change your niche.

As per my experience, I suggest you go with the second type of domain name, described below. 


Many people are using their names as their domain names too. It works as more of a neutral approach in the broader framework for blogging than those based on a specific niche. So with the evolving situation in the blogging world, you can also adhere to the change accordingly.

5- Get your web Hosting & Register your Domain

There are countless quality hosting companies around. So if you’re up to WordPress, a self-hosted blog then there are just as many options as you can think of. The important thing here is that take your time looking into some of the companies and choose one which suits your budget and also ensures that the quality of services and uptime guarantee is there. 

In the beginning, you will probably want to start with either a managed WordPress solution or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and scale your progress from there. After all, you will need a dedicated hosting solution with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) once you manage to reach up to thousands of visitors per day. 

How to start a Successful Blog

For this, I suggest you choose a reliable, popular and affordable host. Bluehost is the best web hosting provider. At this stage, you don’t need any hosting plan just go with beginners hosting plans. There are 13 reasons why you should select Bluehost as web hosting.

  1. 99% server time
  2. Excellent security measures
  3. High-speed servers
  4. User-friendly dashboard
  5. Numerous hosting options
  6. 24/7 customer support
  7. Free SSL certificate
  8. Easy cPanel dashboard
  9. 1-Click WordPress installation
  10. Low pricing
  11. Money-back guarantee
  12. Recommended by WordPress
  13. Popular in dot com industry

6- Setup WordPress Theme 

Just like any other website theme is very important, it is the design and aura that reflects your image upon visitors and how it should look like in front of the people.

There are countless theme options available on WordPress, you can select any that you think reflects the mood of your content. There are free options and there some which cost a few bucks. but they really worth it.

Here is how your WordPress Dashboard looks like. WordPress also has the simplest theme by default which you can customize. 

How to start a blog in 2020
WordPress Dashboard

If you want to change the theme completely you can click on “Change Theme Completely” where you’ll have a variety of different themes Such as,

Wordpress ThemesWordpress Themes Wordpress Themes

There are many options available to select one from, I will suggest you keep it simple for yourself in the beginning and choose the free WordPress theme ‘Astra’ or if you prefer the premium option you can go for ‘Astra Pro’.

7- Basic Setting Your Blog Should Have

After selecting your blogging platform you have to do basic settings. Now you have a fully functional blog. What you need to do is to customize it.

For default, WordPress enables a theme for your blog. I suggest you go with most match themes for your blog either static or dynamic having pictures or videos.

Mostly, successful blogs are those which are designed in a way that makes it easier for visitors to find information. This will allow them a great interactive view of your blog. So, as a blogger, you don’t have to spend money to install a paid theme. At the beginning of your career go with the free theme of WordPress and customize them effectively.

8- Generate Catchy Blog Ideas

It’s hard to imagine the success of your blog without a stream of engaging blog posts. The main challenge at this stage is how to come up with creative and engaging blog posts on a regular basis. As I’ve described in niche selection, it’s not a matter of how to start a successful blog OR what you want to blog about, what your audience wants to read is directly related to your successful career in blogging.

In your targeted niche, now you have to come up with engaging blog posts. It’s possible but it’s not a piece of cake.

I use Quora for this, a platform where people ask questions from others and they answered. I start following those spaces that are similar to my niche. Then I target these questions as problems and come up with their best solutions as a blog post. So that people get engaged very easily.

This will help you in writing a successful blog post.

9- Write Your First Blog Post

So, at last, you have now reached the step where you tolerated all this maze to be in and that is writing your first blog post, and for that, you just need to keep a few things into account to write a good piece of your first blog post.

  • The Topic

Carefully select your topic for your first blog post, keep it catchy, and try to provide as much information regarding the particular topic as possible.

  • Google Ranking Keywords

Your blog will be ranked in the chain of all those blogs up on the list so choose the best keywords out there.

  • Write your Blog post 

Thought out the final layout and give it a go, try to write as interesting as you can and make sure the content sticks the reader to the end of the blog.

  • Edit 

After the writing is done go through your blog a few times to make sure no unwanted typing makes through and the blog is grammatically correct.  

  • Publish 

In the end, publish your very first blog post on your newly created Blogging site.

10- Optimize Your Blog

SEO means search engine optimization and it helps you in ranking your blog on the search engine including Yahoo, Bing and the Big ‘G’ “Google”. SEO optimization is necessary to increase the worth of your blog for Search Engine. A perfectly Optimized blog builds a trustful relationship with search engine as a result they will have a good ranking.

How to start a blog and make money online

There are various tools out there that helps you in optimizing your blog completely. Such as

  • Ubersuggest – For great Keywords Ideas at no cost.
  • Moz SEO tool – For complete SEO Optimization
  • SEMrush – For Complete SEO Optimization
  • Keyword Surfer – To keep track of your search volume
  • GetSEOFix – For complete SEO optimization and Analysis

11- Keep Track of Your Blog Performance

It is necessary to maintain the performance of your blog by updating and posting valuable content on your website. This provides value to your readers and makes them feel special. 

set up a schedule for posting new content on your blog. this will build a trustworthy relationship with your audience and search engine as well. 

12 – Engage Your Audience & Promote Your Blog

Engage your audience with your blog

Finally, after writing and publishing your blog you have to promote your blog. This is an extra step on how to start a successful blog. This is a crucial step in the success of your blog. Now, the question arising in your mind is- how to promote a blog.

Based on my personal experience, I suggest you understand and analyze your reader’s interests and talk about those topics. Things that are special and exciting for your readers should be discussed in a way that they can engage in the discussion. 

You can do so, by connecting yourself via a social media account such as Twitter and Facebook. This strategy helps you in building a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

Nowadays, the email subscriber option works best for this. By this, you will have your regular visitors who visit your website, view, reads, like and share your content. The last chance you have is, to spend money on promoting your blog to make your blog successful.

Now, after learning about how to start a Successful Blog you are able to write a blog and make money from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any technical skills to start a blog? 

One just needs a laptop, a good understanding of the English language, and an obsession and passion for learning, and moving forward that’s all you need. With time and learning, there’s no skill a man can not learn, and if you work hard and learn how to start a successful blog in 2020 you will make it happen this year.

Is blogging included in high-income skills?

There are people out there who are making a handsome amount out of blogging. They have build expertise with time and effort and most people are earning a good passive income out of it. It takes time but not that much of a time as you might think you only need to be consistent about it and learn to get better every day. That’s why it is the most searched question on internet “How to start a blog and make money online“.

Is it possible to earn money from a blog?

If you do it the right way yes! Will the first blog turn into gold? If you put your effort it might achieve the success that you might not expect for one, you will need to post a good amount of blogs to make sure good traffic runs through it. Only action can help you in discovering the versatile possibilities about how to start a successful blog in 2020.

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