Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review [ Honest review ] [2020]

The knowledge broker blueprint is an end to end video calling in which it teaches how to leverage your mastermind model by exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Helps in learning every aspect of running a successful mastermind. 

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The program was evolved by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins is the definitive course on running the successful mastermind. Both of these two run multiple and very successful million-dollar masterminds.  Dean and Tony have filtered all their knowledge in this course.


So, to have a great mastermind can be a life-changing matter. By the good surroundings of people, you can learn a lot from people’s lives and experiences to gain knowledge and learn from their mistakes. 

Mastermind is among the best way to grow your own connection with people. 

Some people will motivate you, some will become your mentors and thus can also be helpful in finding you a good partner. 


This is for anyone who is willing to start a profitable business of his or her own. 

It’s for those who have time and dedication so that they can fully implement their programs. 

So to start a mastermind you just need to have a passion for a certain topic and then through the knowledge broker, you can turn that passion into something with which you can gain profit and sell. 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review
Why You Should Join a Mastermind Group.

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  1. The course lets you take actions and it makes teachers and ensures to get the best out of this course.
  2. It’s about how to start and grow up a mastermind. It contains all the actionable advice you’d like to see. There are a lot of marketing strategies as well in this course. 
  3. You’d also be getting free software with the videos which are known as MINDMINT. This software helps you to build landing pages, track sales, manage expense and much more. All of these features are under one roof, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars separately to get the tools. 
  4. Each module of the course contains bonus lessons that can only be unlocked through credits that are earned through the course. 


Not everyone is having the same aspects of motivation as Tony and Dean. 

So there are two names Tony and Dean, but the question arises that who is the main person? The answer to that is, the main person is Dean. Apart from training, there is no other contribution to Tony. 


Knowledge broker blueprint is made of up 4 essential elements that surpass you towards the logical process of growing and starting a mastermind. The route elements are as follows:

Extract it: In extraction, it’s about how you’d be extracting the knowledge, the approaches that you’d be using to be a mastermind.

Fill it: This module is about high-level strategy. You’ll be knowing about the concepts of selling and exploring in general. 

Run it: In this module, you’ll be knowing how to run your mastermind, such as what will happen after the sale? How you’d build relationships with the attendees and much more. 

Knowledge broker: It focuses on the leverage of other people’s knowledge. This module has fewer lessons.


The one-time purchase costs $1,997 or you can take the time payment plan in which you’d be paying in 4 sets of $597 each. This also includes 6 months of free MIND MINT software which is a plus point.

Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme as well if you aren’t satisfied you can take the money back in 30 days. 

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Overall it’s a very good course which covers all the aspects that you’d be needing to run the mastermind

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