Top 20 Email Service Provider in 2020- Which is our favorite

Top 20 Email Service Provider

There are thousands of email services around us but we don’t get time to explore each of them one by one. The current and most popular email services now a days are HOTMAIL , GMAIL , YAHOO. These are the oldest and the most popular email services these days. Apart from that there are many other email services which have better specifications and working.

Here are the 9 email services of 2020 in my view:

Active campaign:

Active campaigns have the best combinations of features ever seen. ActiveCampaign uses a list based system, in which it smartly uses the tagging function extensively for segmentation. Tags can be added manually or through automated processes.

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ActiveCampaign has a nice drag and drop email builder for creating good looking newsletters. Moreover, form builder is nothing to write home.

Where ActiveCampaign really stands out its marketing automation capabilities.

The interface allows you to built automations quickly and easily and offers trigger of extensive conditions.

It allows to split test your automations and workflows as well.

It’s pricing is extremely fair and easy to process. Adding more things to active campaign if your business grows then more features would be added to them.

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Convert KIT

It’s one of the fastest growing email services you’ll see now a days and it’s getting popular day by day.

It’s more targeted towards creators and is going a great job on that.

It’s not comparable with active campaign but it’s features are very well designed and work very well.

The user interface is extremely polished it’s easily explore able and you’d easily know what to do.

The lack in convert kit is that it lacks in management feature.

It’s not cheap from active campaign but it’s surely reasonable and can be afforded  by people. It has feature which lets you  build unlimited landing pages or option forms. But you won’t be able to send emails on this plan unless you upgrade it.


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top 20 email service provider

Get response is not that much popular than the other email services at all.

It’s a list based service and you can add tags through automation aswell.

get response 5

It has a feature in which we send emails to the people which is associated with the past email lookup. So it’s an advance and a good feature.

Another feature is time travel in which it sends email based on subscribers local time.

The bad thing are that there’s no class in the features at all. It doesn’t let stand in-front of any services at all.

However it’s a good email for startups as it’s quite affordable.

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Its the one email marketing service that offers truly offers a forever free plan. It has no limits and we can use it for free for up to more than a 1,000 users. This makes it the perfect solution for anyone in the email marketing game.

Because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean that MailerLite is lacking in capabilities or has something in short.

MailerLite is a full-featured email marketing service that even includes marketing automations too.

It uses segments to group out the subscribers.

Beside keeping your standard forms you can create pop ups ribbons and slides from it as well, it also has its own landing page builder.

It has the best of all feature of automation editor, in which you can put together many workflows.

It has the best email plans which start at $10 a month which is quite cheap and affordable.

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AWEBER was the best of all marketing software but as time passed it has lacked a lot in speed and many other qualities too.

It has fallen very badly from flying high to dropping out low in all of a sudden.

It’s also a list based email address and you have to also pay for getting unsubscribed.

It comprises of simple automation features but lack in Amman others and is slowly developing.

Aweber has tags thought which you can manually add them. Adding a tag through a trigger is limited to when a user opens a message or clicks up a link.

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So if you want to send an email then you’d have to send it to the whole list which is a bad quality of it.

Aweber has a package around the middle of the pack. Starting at $19 a month, it’s not the cheapest, or the most expensive it lies in the middle.

It’s not the worst email services but there are many other better email addresses with good choices available.

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Not many users and forums using Ontraport as it’s not upto the mark in pricing.

People don’t use it as it’s expensive for many of the users.

The most liked feature is its editor service as it offers good package for landing pages forms and emails.

It has a blocked based editor which allows you to use pre made blocks on your own.

The campaign builder is also very nice as it helps in triggering multiple workflows at a similar time at once.

ONTRAPORT falls in its pricing structure. The lowest Basic plan is $79 a month, but it limits you to 1000 contacts. The next step up is which gives you 2500 contacts for $149 a month which is surely expensive.

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Drip’s main focus is automation and e commerce and it does the best job for it.

It’s rapidly evolving day by day.

Tagging can be done manually or through drag and drop too.

It has events and tags in which event can be done many times and tag can be done just once.

Coming to the main scenario Drip’s automation editor is excellent, maybe even better than ActiveCampaign’s as it’s simpler and faster and easy to use without any hard and fast rules at all.

It has a free plan for up to 100 customers but the plan for more than hundred your have to buy that.  At each subscriber it’s more expensive than both ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit and the price gap widens quite a bit as you go higher and higher.


Keap is another email service with focuses more on the high end customers. It’s very sharp in automation capabilities and ecosystem.

Keap doesn’t just do email. It’s a complete platform with email marketing, marketing automation, e-commerce moreover sales pipelining. Keap is best known for is its Campaign Builder for building visual automations. It’s the easiest to use.

Keap has changed as it has made sign up very easy and may additional features that are easy to be used and can be learned very quickly if you’re new.

It has a 14 day free trial and after that there’s an easy way of paying money through the charges which is more of affordable. Keap is the best for the business teams and is committed to keep that ecosystem consistent.


The last best email service is Mail chimp in my list.

It’s on of the biggest email service out there with millions of clients all over the world. It has a very  nice email editor, with well-designed templates that allow you to create good looking email newsletters and much more. Moreover it has good reporting things too.

It integrates with 3rd party application out in the market as well.

MailChimp similarly like others uses a list-based system. So it too suffers from the same issues such as paying for duplicate subscribers. The automation capabilities are not good of mail chimp you are being restricted to some pre made automation.

What attracts most people to MailChimp is the price. They offer a Forever Free plan for under 2,000 subscribers but it’s limited to 12,000 emails a month which is a feature which most people won’t like.

Mail chimp is just okay , hence there are good email services than mail chimp.


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