Best Free Alternatives to Leadpages for Small Businesses

The main task of a business is its connection with its audience that can help in generating leads and ultimately boosting its sales. This all comes in one tool named, Leadpages. But there are many small businesses that look for something great for free or with a low cost that can help them in reducing their cost of production.

Leadpages is one of the great tools that is loved by a huge number of entrepreneurs and business persons. Its versatility makes it hard to find out the great Leadpages Free Alternatives that can help you the same as it does. 

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Well, being one of its top users, I analyze other tools that work the same as it works. After using all of that tools I’m here to share my experience with my readers. I’m sure this will help you in your small businesses. 

So, in this Content, I’m gonna share about

  • My personal Experience with Leadpages (An Overview)
  • Details of top 3 Leadpages Free Alternatives
  • My Personal Thoughts

Let’s jump directly into the content. 

What Is Leadpages? - An Overview About a Great Tool

Leadpages is an all in one tool that every business needs. It’s the most credible and reliable tool that helps in getting your business online for diversified business growth. 

Leadpages official Logo - Leadpages alternatives

There are many people who think about the most common question. How Leadpages will help in getting business online? Well, this has the simplest answer. Leadpages is equipped with quality features that are according to the needs of the market.  

With this Platform, I was able to create Code-Free websites, high converting Landing pages that boost the traffic I had on my website. Creating landing pages is one of the hectic task that I always avoid to do.  But with this platform it was quite simple.

 Additionally, they offer some exciting conversion tools including Pop-Up forms, A/B split testing, Alert bars, and Opt-in Texts. Opt-in forms is one of the good feature they offered.

These all features were really very helpful for me to generate leads online as well as Offline. It was super easy to manage my email marketing with it. Which was a Lil-bit hard for myself as I’m a Solo-entrepreneur.  

What do I like about the Website Builder of Leadpages?

The website builder offered by Leadpages Platform is quite easy to use. I found it helpful in the customization of a simple yet intuitive website. The drag and drop feature helped me a lot in customizing the website in no time. This saves my time to a great extent. 

What do I like about the Landing Page Builder of Leadpages?

Like the website Builder, Building Landing Pages is also super easy and quick. I enjoyed the process of building intuitive Landing Pages for my Short term Marketing Campaigns and sales funnels. I was free to change the background, text, and other segments of Landing Pages in a couple of clicks.

At the same time, I was able to remove, duplicate, or change the position of specific columns and sections in the Landing Page. This allows me to add my affiliate links in the  landing page. This feature was a Lil-bit similar to Thrive Theme Builder’s features.   

leadpages free alternatives

Moreover, I had control to customize entirely personalized landing pages from scratch by adding widgets in it with a drag & drop feature. I can Add videos, Images, and Call to actions in that widgets to make my Landing Page more sales converting. 

And that does not end here, there are a lot of other useful features too. The most important one is their Lead Meter Technology that detects and identifies the conversion rates of landing pages. This helped in making my short campaigns more profitable and conversion-driven.  

If you are ready to Purchase Leadpages, Click the Button given Below.

Note: If you purchase it from my link it will reward me with a commission at no cost to you.

Let’s talk about the Leadpages Free Alternatives!

Level up Your Business with Top 3 Leadpages Free Alternatives

So, we are going to start with the main content we have to talk about in this Blog Post. 

1 - Bitrix24 - The Best Free Alternative to Leadpages

Bitrix24 is a brand new and one of the versatile alternatives to Leadpages. Like Leadpages, It allows us to create a Website with drag & Drops feature, Intuitive and high converting Landing Pages, with lots of additional tools. 

bitrix24 - best alternative of leadpages

Bitrix24 offers more tools to manage your business online than Leadpages for free. this is considered as the best marketing automation tool for entrepreneurs. 

Bitrix24 offers a user-friendly site builder with drag & Drop option and multiple themes as well. In creating a new site Section they offer many intuitive themes. Have a look at the inside of it.

bitrix24 -website builder themes

They offer more than 30 templates with an empty template option so that you can customize yours on your own as per your choice. Simply select the template and start customizing it. 

You can also change the Color Theme if you want.

Once you click on the CREATE button you will be able to edit and customize the theme according to your choice. You can add Buttons, Sections, Widgets Footers, and different types of sparkling headers on your own. You can edit, customize, and change the text in a few clicks.

Moreover, you can check how’s your website looks on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices. You can also check the preview of your template prior to publishing it online. 

The same features and qualities are offered for Landing Pages. You can design catchy landing pages that can result in higher conversions. 

What I Like About Bitrix24

  • Accessible for free
  • Easy and quick Website Builder
  • Intuitive Landing Page Builder
  • Lots of other tools

What I don’t Like

  • Mostly tools are available for free, but not all. 
  • Somewhat tricky to understand.

2 - Launchrock 

Launchrock  offers free Code-Free website Builder with outstanding Landing Page builder to set up your business online and drive sales from it.

launcherrock - best free alternative of leadpages

With Launchrock, you’ll be able to create a Website, Landing Pages, with the easy editor and drag & drop option. The website builder is super quick, fast, and easy to set-up. Moreover, there are many templates available already that you can use to save time.     


  • High converting Landing Page builder
  • Website Builder for free
  • Drag and Drop Editor


  • More suitable for product launches

3 - QuickPages Landing Page Builder 

QuickPages is one of the most famous free landing page generators that you can use for generating quality landing pages for your short campaigns. This platform is best suited for non-techies who don’t know anything about technical side management of landing page builder. 

quickpages - best free alternative of leadpages

The highly converting landing pages by QuickPages makes it a good Leadpages Free Alternatives because it doesn’t need your credit card info. It is completely free. As far as the tools concern, Quickpages offers quality templates that you can customize easily from the editor dashboard.  


  • Free Landing Page Builder
  • Intuitive Templates
  • Easy to use Editor


  • Not a full package as Leadpages

My Personal Thoughts About these Leadpages Free Alternatives

Indeed, Leadpages is one of the great tools that helped me and thousands of other entrepreneurs to get their business online. 

From an intuitive and fast loading website that you can develop without any coding. The simplest and easy drag and drop feature and multiple widgets options. 

leadpages free alternatives qoutes

All these features are quite amazing and exactly what a business needs to grow in this competitive era. 

Moreover, the landing page builder helps in the creation of high converting landing pages. QuickPages is one of the good Leadpages Free Alternatives when it comes to talking about the Landing page Builder only. 

Well, there are many alternatives to leadpages and I’ve mentioned the top 3 of them in this blog post. But, to be honest no one is the perfect alternative to leadpages. 

Yeah, you can use these too, these tools will also help you in getting the results that you want. These tools will also help you in managing your business online and generate leads. But, my vote is still with Leadpages. It worths the investment. 

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an all in one tool that can help you in getting your business online and generating leads from it, Leadpages is the best option.

It’s completely initiative and newbie-friendly, specially designed for entrepreneurs and business person who don’t have any idea about the technical side of it. 

There are many alternatives of Leadpages available out there but we have discussed the best 3 free alternatives. All of these are designed to help new businesses. 

Quickpages is one of the best alternatives in terms of Landing Pages builder. 

Bitrix24 is another very interesting alternative, offers complete set of tools to help you in your business growth. 

Launchrock is also a business-centric platform that offers versatile tools that help you in getting your business online.

If you find any other Leadpages Free alternatives share with us. I would love to try that too.


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