Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out The Popular Alternative: hCaptcha

There can be no doubt that we are among one of the active internet users. Being an active user gives us the advantage of getting free knowledge and information as websites are the only major source of accessing all kinds of information. 

On the other hand, It often concerns us that how much of our information is accessible to others? You are also aware that your activity on websites can cause a threat to your privacy. Particularly, if you are an owner or a publisher, the safety of your website worried you the most.

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For this, we use CAPTCHAs short for Completely Automated Public Turing Test. It is a type of identity confirmation test to secure the privacy of websites and its visitors as well. 

If you own a website then you are aware of the importance of the Captcha. As this is important for the smooth running of your website. Securing visitors information from bot spams make your websites more trustworthy for visitors. 

So, CAPTCHAs are like the protection layer of your sites. This helps in the differentiation of humans from bots as scammers use bots to invade websites to steal personal data or to commit fraud. It verifies human identity by using distorted alphabets, alphanumerics or images that are easily understandable for humans but not for the bots. 

Though the information technology (IT) security is improving progressively the scammers’ technology is also advancing with it. Therefore, It is evidentiary that without using these shields, your websites are vulnerable to various bot attacks.

Recaptcha And Its Alternative-h Captcha

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The famous one you are aware of is Google’s reCaptcha. People have been using this for more than a decade. Though millions of websites are connected to Google’s ReCaptcha, they fail in some browsers and have some privacy risks. It is suspected that Recaptcha uses navigation tools to have access to users’ history, and also sells web information and buyers’ data to advertisement companies. This might put your confidentiality at risk.

Now another Captcha known as h Captcha is available. It is the best Recaptcha alternative because it is more privacy-focused and more beneficial. It is new, so it has the advantage over reCaptcha as spam bots are not used to its defense mechanism.

It is equally effective for individual publishers and enterprises to fend off scammers and automatic access to bots. Its functionality is somewhat similar to Recaptcha but also, it provides the latest features for anti-bot solutions.

In h Captcha, when visitors solve the Captchas, you can also earn or donate money from this information. It has a feature where you can also choose the difficulty level of Captcha according to your audience.

hCaptcha lays out which information it takes and how it is used. It uses the checkbox and image-based captchas to give access to authentic users. It is so easy and useful to switch from reCaptcha to h Captcha. You have to log in to the website or create an account. You will be provided with the key. Next, the whole developer guide is available on h Captcha site. I bet you. It would take only 30 minutes.

Easily Add hCaptcha with WPForms.

Mostly spasms occur on the websites using registration forms, emails, ticket selling, online polling, and contact forms.

About a half billion people use WPForms for regular projects. Most e-commerce websites use these forms for their products’ sales. Hence, these forms are usually filled with private information from customers and visitors. So, these are more likely exposed by fraudsters and bot scammers.

To prevent this, WordPress has incorporated a built-in feature of h Captcha in its platform.

Though WordPress also provides reCaptcha for forms. But Captcha by WP forms ensures better security and protects privacy as compared to reCaptcha. In WordPress, hCaptcha is equipped with various free features, including GDPR and CCPA, availability in every country, anti-bot protection, and more.

The process of activating h Captcha on WordPress is the same as you use in reCaptcha.Please install and Activate a WordPress Captcha Plugin, create your h Captcha account, and add it to your website. In h Captcha, you can also adjust fail messages, enable no conflict mode and have a preview of Captcha.

Now WordPress has introduced the latest h Captcha integration on its platform to ensure quick service. After enabling your h Captcha setting, the access button contains all the features you can use while developing your forms.
Securing your WPforms by using the h Captcha is a good choice.

You can see securing your online information is as simple as that, no fuss, just within the click of some keyboard buttons. Now the low effort, less costly security is in your hands.

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